Mould-Less® your home!
Mould-Less® your home!

Mould Less® Bulk Box

Bulk Packs of 42 Mould Less Meters
136.50 GBP

A carton of 42 Mould Less Hygrometers.

Perfect for giving out on a mould or condensation visit, damp survey, tenancy support, income visits, and on any housing inspections and surveys.


Free postage UK only.


Keep mould at bay!

Click on the above button and start your journey towards a Mould-Less® home.

A kit for property inspections

When inspecting damp two crucial parts are knowing the air moisture relative to the temperature and the surface temperature and the dew point. This handy inexpensive kit is a handy item for the all rounder. 

Common questions answered

Some common questions are answered about the Mould-Less® here. Why not consider a training session for your staff?



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