Mould-Less® your home!
Mould-Less® your home!

Mould Less® Inspector Packs

Surveyor Inspection Packs
230.25 GBP

Pack contains 1 x Air Tester, 1 x Surface Tester, and 42 X Mould-Less® meters.

All this for only £230.25 including free delivery in the UK

We have launched the starter pack of damp meters to make every condensation or mould visit count. In the past damp meters were just used by damp specialists.  Now a surveyor can have a handy kit to hand. It is used to demonstrate in real time why opening and sometimes closing the windows can reduce damp air.  They can also demonstrate cold spots, and leave the resident with a meter so they can help themselves and make the right choice at the right time. Make every mouldy visit count! This Mould Tutor® Starter Pack helps you save time, spend less, and improve health.  Contact us if you would like to organise a Mould Tutor® training session.

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