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The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd

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Photos of Tanya Eldridge are courtesy of Roman Romanowski.  Mould Tutor™ is a trade mark & Patent Pending.  Mould Less™ damp meter is a Registered Design. All further written content here is Copywright of Tanya Eldridge and  The Damp & Mould Specialist Ltd


All information here is the opinion of the author and the reader should make their own investigations as the correct actions for them to take.


If you follow any suggestions you should do so with regard to your personal safety and that of those around you.  Following any laws that should govern those actions.

We are qualified damp surveyors.

Instructing us means you get an impartial report about the dampness in your home from a C.S.R.T. qualified damp surveyor. We are also experienced in diagnosing building repairs, and understand a wide range of housing needs. 

For social landlords we cover London & The Home Counties. 

For private homes we cover the Hastings area.

01892 711100


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