Mould-Less® your home!
Mould-Less® your home!

We designed the Mould-Less® so anyone can control mould!

The Mould Less® Meter

Robust packaging

Front view

Simple packet design easy to identify what the gadget is for.

Simple design

Green is good, yellow take action, red = get on with it!

If it goes in the orange or red you have three things to consider.

Could you create less moisture in the home or control/contain it better.

Have you got just one window open when two opened slightly would be better.

Have you had the heating on for just a short burst and now it's been off the meter has returned to the red.


Easy to understand

Back packet view

Simple infographics show the typical things you should consider.


When it says "windows open/windows closed, do the opposite".  What that means is it's not always the right time to have the windows opened or closed.  Use the gadget to guide you. 


What is a Mould Less®?

A Mould-Less® monitors damp air in your home, the needle moves so can see when damp air increases, then you need to take action to reduce it.


Why control damp air?

Damp air can lead to surface mould, it also leads to viruses, bacteria and will make your things damp.


Why does air get damp?

Air always contains water, too much is described as damp. Damp air can be brought in from outside in summer, damp air also builds up in our homes if we don't get the right balance of moisture production, ventilation, and heating. 


How will this help me avoid damp and mould?

When you see the needle moving towards the red you will know it is time to act.


How does it work?

It doesn't need batteries or charging. It simply works with the air!


First get it out of the packet.


Then, stand it on a surface, not in direct sunlight/heat, or it can be hung on the wall.


Next, you need start observing it. When the needle moves towards the red you need to act.


For example you take a shower, and you try just opening a window in one room, the needle will move slowly, if you open two windows, only a tiny bit, the air dries quicker and you don't loose too much heat. See how quick the meter returns to the green.


Also it will help you avoid common mistakes like letting in too much humid air in summer, or letting warm moist air in which can settle on a cold back wall, or not ventilating and heating in an efficient way in winter. 

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