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Mould in social housing specialists

We run sessions on what to expect in mouldy housing

Mould Tutor® sessions are delivered across the UK.  Life coaching with a building inspection works to improve satisfaction, control mould and decrease costs. 

Mould damp condensation A mouldy skeiling sloping ceiling in a post war home

The Problem

1/3 of the 1.42 million social homes in the UK still suffering with mould the traditional approach of visit, diagnose, tell, give a leaflet hasn't worked to reduce this percentage since the 1970's


Opening the windows as stock advice for tackling mould is poor advice.  Carried out incorrectly this loses energy, may counteract extractor fans, let in too much humid summer air, and increase cold spots.

Understanding mould in social housing

What we did

We set about getting a better understanding of where the money was being spent on the issue.  We shadowed damp companies, electricians, bricklayers, roofers, contractors, surveyors, technical inspectors, call centre staff, ventilation specialists, and mould treatment experts.


NHS visits per person have doubled in the last 10 years.


Why not get us to shadow your staff, look at your spend, review your tools to see what your current approach is and where improved value can be achieved.

People often prefer to stay outside mouldy housing

What we found

We found that residents were fed up with their landlords wasting money, their kids health getting worse, and the time that was taken up on cleaning and hospital visits.  They often felt that staff were rude, contradicted each other, and had little understanding of what they were going through.  Even if they opened the windows as they were told, the mould returned.




Experienced with 10 years social housing experience

What we do

We've come up with a tried and tested process to bring everyone together, drastically reducing blame, and getting both landlord and tenant on the same page to resolve this.  


Instead of telling what people what to do we use life coaching to help people solve the mould for themselves.


This is supported by excellent technical approach and use of the correct tools and visual aids.


We provide the training in classroom and housing settings.

Mould Tutor®

Our training follows four stages.


The Foundation

You are taken through exactly the same stages as a resident.  We suggest that all staff attend at all levels and at all degrees of client contact to reduce blame, increase understanding, and improve the customer experience.


Futher levels are available for those with greater client contact and for those interested in working towards becoming a Mould Tutor®


Find our public training sessions on Eventbrite here:

Current training events

Mould Tutor® Pathway
We can provide this training in house or at a venue near you
Mould Tutor Pathway v2.pdf
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The spend is between £45 - £450 per property across entire stock on damp alone in the UK.  So on 8,000 homes you are likely to be spending between £360,000 to £3,600,000 per year on this issue, it is likely that this hasn't been picked up as damp is not a key performance indicator.

Together we can control mould in housing.

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