The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd

What makes your home damper or drier?

Damp & mould meters are essential to know when to act.  Do you know that you can cause damp by opening windows in the humid summer months, and often  increase the heat in your home by 3 degrees in January by opening the windows!  Take away the mystery and guess work and let this meter guide you.  It shows you what actions reduce the damp air, needle moves towards the green, or increases the damp air, moves towards the red area. Mould needs water to grow, by reducing damp air you are also reducing the conditions for mould to grow.

We are qualified damp surveyors.

Instructing us means you get an impartial report about the dampness in your home from a C.S.R.T. qualified damp surveyor. We are also experienced in diagnosing building repairs, and understand a wide range of housing needs. 

For social landlords we cover London & The Home Counties. 

For private homes we cover the Hastings area.

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