The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd

Independent Damp Surveyors in Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Our surveys & training

Control damp mould and timber infestations

Mould Survey*


FROM ONLY £49 including vat


In these postcode areas






*not suitable for home buyers


Damp specialist report

From £195 inc vat.  For non - invasive testing.

Includes visit and report


Suitable for Home Buyers


We are PCA Independent Surveyor Members


Mould Tutor® mentoring or training


£495 a day


Break the cycle of blame and control mould.  Suitable for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Inventory Clerks, Surveyors, Damp Specialists.


We are members of the Property Care Association PCA.


Being independent means that we only do surveys and training.  Often our reports help you get round the problem with minimal adjustments, saving you money if building works are not needed.


Tanya Eldridge received a distinction in her HNC in Construction Management, awarded by the University of Kent.


Many RICS surveyors recommend the members of the PCA to do your investigation.  Our director surveyor Tanya Eldridge is a PCA CSRT Member.


We avoid caveats in our reports as far as possible.  With permission, we access under floorboards, or inside wall cavities. Laminate flooring however is proving a challenge to the building inspector!



Call to action: Tenants with mould


Mould Tutor®

Life Coaching in building surveying.


Maybe you are a landlord or tenant and feel fed up with mould or mildew.  We're sure you're frustrated with the blame, damaged possessions, and cost that comes with it.  Let us end that with a Mould Mediation appointment.  By the end of it you will know why the mould is there, and feel confident it is being controlled.

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