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Mould Less® is now two years old!


What is a Mould Less®?

A mould less monitors damp air in your home so you can see when things get bad and act quickly.

Why control damp air?

One thing is certain if you don't control the damp air in your home you will get some kind of symptom.  Whether it's wheezing and sneezing, skin conditions such as eczema, breathing conditions such as COPD or asthma, or the dreaded household mould and condensation.

How do you solve the dampness in your home?

First understand what dampness is, it's water that cannot be supported by the surface or air that it is found on or in.  In practical terms we can't sit there with a hair dryer blasting it out.  So as well as maintaining your building structure you will be surprised how much dampness you can eliminate just by getting the air balance right.  You're not shocked when condensation sits on your bathroom tiles, so why would jump to major building works or damp proofing your home when you have some wetness or mould on the wall. We strongly advise you eliminate condensation first before spending thousands of pounds.  

How does it work?

Firstly you have to get it out the packet! It can stand on a surface (not in direct sunlight/heat), or be hung on the wall.  Then you need to get in the habit of looking at it.  Let's say you have a shower, and just open one window, watch the needle and see how slowly it returns to the green.  Now try cracking open the bathroom window, and the window in the room opposite, and leave the door very slightly adjar, now see how quick the meter returns to the green.  Also it helps avoid common mistakes like letting in humid air in summer or not ventilating and heating in an efficient way in winter.

Check back here regularly to find out what's going on.

We designed the Mould-Less® so we can all control mould!

After cooking = Result

Even I did not expect the conditions to improve while I was cooking.  Admittedly I had the potatoes covered, but still there was a lot of steam.  Great work Mould Less!

Half and hour after cooking = WOW!

The Mould Less was truely in the green, I was able to then close the windows and keep nice and snug for the evening.  Showing that you don't always have to keep the windows open! Save energy, reduce the chances for mould to grow, get an incredible Mould- Less damp meter.

The Mould Less® Meter

Robust packaging

Front view

Simple packet design easy to identify what the gadget is for.

Simple design

Green is good, yellow take action, red = get on with it!

If it goes in the orange or red you have three things to consider.

Could you create less moisture in the home or control/contain it better.

Have you got just one window open when two opened slightly would be better.

Have you had the heating on for just a short burst and now it's been off the meter has returned to the red.


Easy to understand

Back packet view

Simple infographics show the typical things you should consider.


When it says "windows open/windows closed, do the opposite".  What that means is it's not always the right time to have the windows opened or closed.  Use the gadget to guide you. 


4.13 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A simple damp meter which shows when damp air increases or decreases. It tells you when you need to act. Damp air leads to bacteria, viruses, and mould. Prices including vat. 1 meter is £9.96. 2 meters are £14.92 3 meters are £19.92 and so on. Inc. P&P only £5 any qty. UK only.

Mould Less Trade Pack
136.50 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A carton of 42 Mould Less Hygrometers. Perfect for giving out on a mould or condensation visit, damp survey, tenancy support, income visits, and on any housing inspections and surveys. £163.80 including vat and postage (July 2019). UK only.


Surveyor Starter packs launched to help more and spend less

We have launched the starter pack of damp meters to make every condensation or mould visit really help.  Before damp meters were just used by damp specialists.  Now a surveyor can have a handy kit to hand where they are able to demonstrate in real time why opening and sometimes closing the windows can reduce damp air.  They can also demonstrate cold spots, and leave the resident with a meter so they can help themselves and make the right choice at the right time.

Mould Less Surveyor pack
230.25 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

A carton of 42 Mould Less Hygrometers. Plus air tester and wall surface tester. Perfect for mould or condensation visit, damp survey, tenancy support, income visits, and on any housing inspections and surveys. Includes UK delivery Supportive use only.

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