The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
Independent Damp Surveyor
Independent Damp Surveyor

Damp meters available

Make every mouldy visit count! This Mould Tutor® Starter Pack helps
you save time, spend less, and improve health.


Pack contains 1 x Air Tester, 1 x Surface Tester, and 42 X Mould-Less® meters.

All this for only £230.25 plus VAT.


We are suspending visits till September 2020.


We are still providing online gadgetry and technical equipment.

Instructing us means you get an impartial report about the dampness in your home from a C.S.R.T. qualified damp surveyor. We are also experienced in diagnosing building repairs, and understand a wide range of housing needs. 


For social landlords I cover East Sussex and up to North Kent (and occasionaly London and outside this area).


For private homes we cover the Hastings area.

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