The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
The Mould & Damp Specialist Ltd
Independent Damp Surveyor
Independent Damp Surveyor

Damp meters available

Make every mouldy visit count! This Mould Tutor® Starter Pack helps
you save time, spend less, and improve health.


Pack contains 1 x Air Tester, 1 x Surface Tester, and 42 X Mould-Less® meters.

All this for only £230.25 plus VAT.

Choose a qualified damp surveyor.

Instructing us means you get an impartial report about the dampness in your home from a C.S.R.T. qualified damp surveyor. We are also experienced in diagnosing building repairs, and understand a wide range of housing needs. 


For social landlords I cover East Sussex and up to North Kent (and occasionaly London and outside this area).


For private homes we cover the Hastings area.

01424 552709




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